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Welcome to the Cuyahoga Valley Genealogical Society’s website. For a list of upcoming events, click here.

Be an earlybird registrant for the Cuyahoga County Lineage Banquet May 22, 2016. Earlybirds get a discount on the dinner cost.  Follow this link to download the registration form.

The cemetery workshop DVD is now available. Misti Spillman, cemetery preservationist, demonstrates how to clean, repair, and reset headstones in a 50 minute presentation. Sources for appropriate cleaning solutions and tool as well as how to download the manual written by Misti are also presented.

Download the order form using this link, print it, and send it to Cuyahoga Valley Geneaolgical Society. For more information, e-mail Mary Boehnlein at maryalicemaher@gmail.com.

(The order form is a PDF file. If your web browser doesn’t have the ability to display PDF files directly, you can download the free NitroPDF reader using this link.)